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DAO campaign subject

November/Dezember 2021:

DAO campaign against gender and domestic violence

DAO launched its nationwide campaign against gender and domestic violence on 8 November 2021. Over a one-month period, XXL posters at railway stations, posters in public transport and social media posts were used to boost public awareness of both the subject and the services offered by women’s shelters.

Sotomo Study Violence in Couple Relationships in Switzerland

November 2021:

Sotomo study on ‘Violence in Couple Relationships in Switzerland’

The study commissioned by DAO suggests that violence in couple relationships is widespread in Switzerland and that the problem is also gender-specific. The study also clearly shows that a majority of those surveyed are in favour of using public sector funds to finance prevention and awareness measures. 

Demand of the DAO regarding Article 23 of the Istanbul Convention: Domestic violence does not end with separation. Therefore, there must be enough places in women's shelters and sufficient funding for women's shelters.

July 2021:

DAO in-depth report on Art. 23 of the Istanbul Convention

By signing the Istanbul Convention, Switzerland made a commitment to offering a sufficient number of suitable, easily accessible shelters. However, DAO’s in-depth report on the topic of shelters, which forms part of the Istanbul Convention network’s shadow report, concludes that action still has to be taken in several areas.


July 2020:

DAO report on ‘Child Welfare and Child Protection in Women’s Shelters’

The professional setting found at women’s shelters is important for children affected by violence. In practice, however, the various women’s shelters differ not only in terms of the services they offer, but also the financial and personnel resources they have available to help children. The report closes with five recommendations for action for the attention of specialist groups and political decision makers.

Stop domestic violence projected on skyscraper

Juni 2018:

Forderungen der DAO zur Umsetzung der Istanbul-Konvention

Im Zusammenhang mit dem Inkrafttreten der Istanbul-Konvention für die Schweiz am 1. April 2018 erkennt die DAO Handlungsbedarf in verschiedenen Bereichen. Neben der umfassenden Berücksichtigung des Fachwissens der Frauenhäuser bei der Umsetzung der Istanbul-Konvention geht es auch darum, eine gesamtschweizerische Strategie gegen häusliche Gewalt auszuarbeiten und zu realisieren.