Physical violence

Physical violence is the term used to describe acts of violence including slapping, pushing, beating, kicking, holding, throwing objects, choking and shaking.

What is physical violence?

Physical violence is the term used to describe attacks to a person’s body or health and range from a slap to attempted murder or murder. Physical violence includes: 

  • slapping 
  • pushing, beating and kicking
  • holding tight
  • throwing objects
  • choking, seizing and shaking
  • biting and scratching
  • imprisonment and bondage
  • stabbing with a sharp object or wounding with a firearm.

A specific form of physical violence is female genital mutilation. Click here for more information on female genital mutilation and support services.

Is physical violence punishable by law?

Yes, physical violence is punishable by law. Since there are many kinds of physical violence, several articles of the Swiss Criminal Code (StGB) come into consideration. 

The list below is not exhaustive:

You can contact a victim counselling centre for a precise assessment of your legal situation. It offers free advice and can also refer you to a lawyer if necessary. Additional information about the legal situation can be found here.