Annual reports

DAO provides annual updates on its activities and finances as part of its Annual Report. Find out more.

Annual Report 2023:

The DAO emphasises the need for additionally funded shelters throughout Switzerland..

In view of the continuing high number of women and children who have to flee domestic violence, the DAO is calling for more funding and the establishment of additional shelters. 

Annual Report 2022:

The high occupancy rate in the women's shelters poses challenges for the DAO.

The DAO drew attention at national level to the high occupancy rate of women's shelters nationwide, prompting the SODK to write a letter to cantonal officials. 

Annual Report 2021:

Moving violence against women and domestic violence into the public space.

DAO used a national campaign to draw attention to the services provided by women’s shelters and their concerns: violence against women and domestic violence is a problem that affects society as a whole and must be taken seriously.

Annual Report 2020:

The COVID-19 pandemic is a major challenge for the women’s shelters.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented women’s shelters with various challenges. As crisis intervention centres, they remained open throughout the entire pandemic.

Annual Report 2019:

DAO’s national and international network is growing stronger.

DAO was able to contribute its professional expertise on domestic violence and violence against women and children at various national and international events.

Annual Report 2018:

The Istanbul Convention has been in effect in Switzerland since 1 April 2018. 

DAO is committed to the civic Istanbul Convention network. As part of the core group, it is actively involved in the network’s development.